Sunday, July 8, 2007

Juniper Debuts E120 Broadband Services Router for Targeted Subscriber Awareness

Juniper Networks has expanded its E-series family with the introduction of the E120 Broadband Services Router (BSR), a compact edge router designed for IPTV and multiplay services. The new E120 mirrors the feature set of Juniper's E320 BSR, but in a smaller, compact factor. It delivers 120 Gbps of capacity and supports up to 64,000 individual subscribers. The new platform uses the JUNOSe operating system and existing line cards and interface modules of the E320.

Significantly, Juniper's E-series now supports service and subscriber-awareness, enabling service providers to determine on a second-by-second basis which IPTV or Video-on-Demand channels viewers watched. By translating Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) traffic into detailed program data, providers can gather real-time viewing statistics that can invaluable to national, regional and local advertisers constantly striving for more reliable metrics and greater accountability.

Juniper said this ability to deliver highly-targeted advertisements based on geographic, demographic, and usage-based patterns will enable advertisers to develop localized, highly-targeted ad campaigns. Highly accurate subscriber data can assure more valuable and effective ad placements, while opening up a significant new revenue opportunity for IPTV service providers.

To help service providers leverage this advertising opportunity, Juniper Networks is working with an initial set of partners, including

  • HP: Centralized business intelligence system collects, analyzes, and reports viewing data; makes ad placement decisions

  • Packet Vision: Targeted, addressable advertising service embracing the accountability and interactivity of IPTV

  • NebuAd: Targeted browser-based ad insertions for high-speed internet users

  • SeaChange International: Linear and advanced advertising solutions
  • Juniper's E320 Broadband Services Router is available with a 320 Gbps switch fabric and capable of scaling up to 128,000 subscribers per platform.