Sunday, July 8, 2007

JANET UK Deploys 40 Gbps Wavelength with Ciena

JANET, the high-capacity research network in the UK, has implemented what is believed to be Europe's first 40 Gbps wavelength service. The deployment uses the new 40 Gbps capabilities of Ciena's CoreStream Agility Optical Transport System.

The Ciena-enabled 40 Gbps service was delivered across a dedicated optical fiber link connecting the Canary Wharf and Kings Cross points of presence (PoP) in London, one of the busiest parts of the JANET network. Cienna's CoreStream Agility platform forms the foundation of the JANET backbone transmission infrastructure to deliver high-speed connectivity for end-users. Additionally, Ciena's FlexSelect CN 4200 Advanced Services Platform connects 19 UK regional networks to the JANET backbone. Both Ciena solutions offer the upgrade path to 40 Gbps per wavelength.

With the first 40 Gbps connectivity now in service between two PoPs, JANET plans to migrate its entire CoreStream Agility-based transport infrastructure to 40 Gbps interfaces during the course of 2008, dependent on network traffic growth.

Ciena noted that its solution enables new 40 Gbps wavelengths to be intermixed with existing 10 Gbps wavelengths on the same fiber system.


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