Monday, July 16, 2007

Internet2 Commercial Peering Service Enters Production

Internet2 has launched a production Commercial Peering (CP) Service to its members on an opt-in basis at no additional charge through their existing connections to the Internet2 Network.

The service enables Internet2 organizations to leverage settlement-free connections between the Internet2 Network and major content providers and Internet Service Providers. It currently includes three major peering points across the country with plans to expand to five. The service includes over one- third of the global routing table and is continuing to grow.

The production service builds on trials begun in 2006. Current participants report that up to 40% percent of their commercial traffic now travels over the CP service.

Internet2 said more cost-effective commercial Internet access enables its members to invest additional resources in advanced networking infrastructure and capabilities. In turn, by using high-performance links to the Internet2 Network, the service has the potential to expand the performance envelope of the commercial services to which it provides access.

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