Monday, July 9, 2007

Intellon Releases Second-Generation HomePlug AV Chip

Intellon released its second-generation HomePlug AV powerline communications (PLC) IC. Based on the 200 Mbps-PHY-rate HomePlug AV specification, the new device features architectural and design improvements to deliver enhanced performance at a lower cost compared to first generation HomePlug AV ICs.

Intellon said its new chip design offers a faster processor, reconfigured internal bus structure, faster memory bus and a multi-chip module package that includes both a MAC/PHY transceiver and an analog front-end. It also offers simple push-button security for retail product applications, so that a personal computer (PC) is not required to secure a home network. The IC has MII (Ethernet) and PCI host interfaces, and does not require external flash memory for boot-from-host applications.

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