Thursday, July 12, 2007

Devicescape Introduces "Wi-Fi Buddies" for Home Wi-Fi Net Sharing

Devicescape Software introduced a new "Wi-Fi Buddies" service that enables consumers to securely share access to home or other personal Wi-Fi networks with friends and family for expanded Wi-Fi coverage.
Devicescape already provides an auto-connect service that makes it easy for consumers to connect their devices to over 100,000 hotspots worldwide including commercial, municipal and free networks.
"Wi-Fi Buddies" now enables user to add their home network as a hotspot for their own devices; securely share these networks with selected friends and family; and expand their own Wi-Fi coverage by requesting access to their friends and family members' home networks.

Devicescape is available for free via download for laptops that use Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista PCs, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Smartphones, the Nokia N800 and 770 web tablets, Nokia Eseries and Nseries phones, and the Linksys WIP 300 VoIP phones.


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