Sunday, July 22, 2007

deltathree Launches Enhanced VoIP Open Network Platform

deltathree, which provides SIP-based VoIP solutions for service providers and consumers, has launched an upgraded network telephony backend infrastructure to its Open Network Platform offering customers greater flexibility and new features.

The Open Network Platform was primarily developed to support the launch of joip, deltathree's newly formed consumer group that powers the VoIP service of Panasonic's new GLOBARANGE hybrid landline/VoIP phones. GLOBARANGE phone owners automatically become part of the global joip community, where members can call each other around the world for free, and enjoy a wide variety of advanced features and services.

joip enabled GLOBARANGE phones will be available this summer in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria and Russia.

deltathree said its Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution and Reseller customers benefit from the Open Network Solution. The Hosted Consumer VoIP Solution is a comprehensive, customizable turnkey solution for service providers looking to launch their own VoIP offering with minimal investment and rapid deployment. Service providers will experience higher load capacity and greater flexibility to work with third party components during call flows. Service providers also gain a simpler VoIP integration into their facilities including managing localized emergency, directory assistance and other local dialing services through an easy-to-use interface, thus lowering the integration costs involved in penetrating new markets. New network features allow deltathree's customers to determine "*" codes, customize network error messages to any language, format phone numbers per country regulations and route them accordingly with fewer prefixes. The Simultaneous Ring and Follow Me service can now accommodate an infinite amount of phone numbers.

The Open Network Platform enhances the real-time call rating engine to present service providers with a higher level of cost control. Service providers can now specifically disable/enable outbound/inbound calls, apply fees and rates on service levels, and add/deduct features to customer offerings through a user-friendly management interface. New rating features allow service providers to determine rounding, grace periods, connection fees, minimum call charges and different rates during a call.