Thursday, July 19, 2007

CTIA Blasts Google Proposal

CTIA, the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, blasted Google's proposal for the upcoming auction of wireless spectrum in the 700 MHz band.

In a statement, CTIA President Steve Largent said "Google's letter to the FCC this morning highlights the Internet giant's scheme to have the 700 MHz auction rigged with special conditions in its favor. If Google is willing to commit almost $5 billion dollars for spectrum that it wants encumbered with various requirements, then let it win that spectrum in a competitive auction and choose that business model. Google and its allies, with their collective market capitalization approaching half a trillion dollars, don't need a government handout at taxpayers' expense. The competitive wireless industry welcomes all new entrants, but no company should be able to buy a custom-fit government regulation that suits their particular business plan. Consumers should decide if they're right, not the federal government."

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