Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Verizon Introduces Three Business FMC Services

Verizon is introducing three new fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services to help on-the-go professionals seamlessly bridge wireline and wireless networks. These services are Wireless Office, PBX Mobile Extension and Mobile Conference Connection. Key capabilities include: a single phone number that simultaneously rings to an office, home and cell phone; a unified mailbox that consolidates voicemail from multiple devices; and instant conference calls that can be organized and initiated with just a few clicks on any Research in Motion BlackBerry or Microsoft Windows Mobile smart phone or PDA.

Wireless Office, powered by the Verizon Wireless network, is immediately available for U.S. businesses. It delivers a network-based solution for small and mid-sized businesses to merge their fixed and wireless voice communications by extending common private branch exchange (PBX) calling features -- such as abbreviated dialing, closed user groups and call control - - to wireless devices. The service includes two different pricing options for either "on campus" wireless calling or on-net calling for calls that originate from a wireless handset to corporate office extensions.

PBX Mobile Extension enables a large corporate campus or large numbers of mobile workers -- including executives, sales personnel or field service technicians -- to answer calls and respond quickly. This service works with a company's existing PBX system to provide a single phone number that simultaneously rings on a user's cell phone, home phone or any pre-selected phone number. If a user can't answer the call, PBX Mobile Extension uses a company's existing voice mail system to provide a unified voice mailbox, eliminating the inefficiencies of multiple voice mail systems. Outbound calls by employees using cell phones show the caller's office phone number via caller ID. Cell phone callers also can use other PBX functions such as call-transfer, park, hold and more.

Mobile Conference Connection enables road warriors to initiate or join a conference call with a few clicks on any RIM BlackBerry or Microsoft Windows Mobile smart phone or PDA. Users of Verizon's Global BlackBerry 8830 service can use Mobile Conference Connection to initiate or participate in conference calls from 150 countries.

Verizon said it plan to add additional new services, including:

  • Satellite access in Europe and Asia to enable companies without terrestrial access to remain connected to corporate resources.

  • Additional automatic wireless primary and backup access options to help enable companies to remain up and running.

  • Mobile satellite access where users can access their network in hard-to-reach areas such as mountainous regions.

  • Integrated VoIP offerings to support mobile workers.

  • Managed Wireless backup to Private IP.

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