Monday, June 18, 2007

"Road to 100G" Alliance Sets Charter

A new "Road to 100G" Alliance has been founded by leading technology developers market leaders to accelerate the adoption and ongoing development of a new era of next-generation networking platforms.

The charter of the Road to 100G Alliance is to provide a framework that encourages the development of comprehensive solutions that are optimized for high-density communications applications. The Alliance plans to provide ongoing education, application support and common reference design data to accelerate the deployment of high performance enterprise, metro, carrier, and long haul network solutions. The Road to 100G Alliance also plans to sponsor programs, events and communications relating to the validation of these advanced networking platforms.

The founding members of the Alliance are Bay Microsystems, Enigma Semiconductor, IDT (Integrated Device Technology), IP Infusion (an ACCESS Company), and Lattice Semiconductor.

"The industry is experiencing unprecedented demand for bandwidth, driven primarily by the emergence of new IP-based consumer services," said Bill Weisinger, Chairman of the Road to 100G Alliance. "The ecosystem created by the Road to 100G Alliance will facilitate and accelerate the release of new platforms that support these new services. We welcome new members in all areas, including component, software, equipment, and service providers, in order to expand the reach of this developing ecosystem."