Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Redback Unveils its SmartEdge 1200 Router -- Scaling to Million Subscribers

Redback Networks unveiled its third generation multiservice edge router -- the SmartEdge 1200, designed to support one million Triple Play subscribers in a single rack. The new SmartEdge 1200 platform is distinguished by three major innovations:

  • It will double carrier capacity for new video upgrades,

  • Extend triple-play services to broadband mobile networks and

  • Integrate up to six network applications into a single router, including deep-packet inspection for peer-to-peer traffic management, advanced session border capabilities, and network security for carriers and their customers.

The SmartEdge 1200 also is compatible with the first two generations of the SmartEdge 400 and SmartEdge 800. All three router platforms share a common operating system, line-cards and network software applications.

Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom will be the first top 20 telephone carrier in the world to use the SmartEdge 1200. Chunghwa already uses Redback gear to manage more than 300,000 IPTV subscribers, in addition to providing VPN and VoIP services.

The SmartEdge 1200 offers high-resiliency features, including the ability to conduct live software upgrades and live network maintenance operations. The SmartEdge is rated at 99.999% reliability.

Redback, which is now a part of Ericsson, said the new SmartEdge platform is at the center of Ericsson efforts to deliver "full service broadband", linking wired and wireless networks and enabling the delivery of any service to any Internet-enabled device.

"We believe the core of the network will be upgraded, and the edge of the network will be the focus of most carrier spending in the future. We also believe more than 2 billion wireless and wireline users will be upgraded to video-centric broadband networks from 250 million broadband users today. The SmartEdge 1200 will be at the center of most network upgrades, because Ericsson and Redback have unique expertise in both subscriber and service management," said Kevin DeNuccio, president of Redback Networks.


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