Sunday, June 10, 2007

RadiSys Debuts 10-Gigabit ATCA Blade for High Performance Media Processing

RadiSys introduced an Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) blade that hosts up to 20 multi-core MSC8144 DSPs from Freescale Semiconductor, providing a major boost in processing power required in next-generation VoIP, media processing and media gateway solutions.

The new Promentum ATCA-9100 Media Resource Module features a mezzanine design to host a farm of up 20 of these quad-core, Freescale DSPs. This reduces the hardware footprint of such next-gen telecom systems by over 50 percent while attaining the same media processing capacity. The mezzanine design also allows telecommunications equipment manufacturers to upgrade over time from one generation of DSP to another without a complete overhaul of the blade.

The ATCA-9100 blade offers ten Gigabit Ethernet fabric connectivity. Additionally, the module includes Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) switching and support for easy debugging of DSP code. RadiSys also includes onboard carrier grade Linux, switching software; blade management software; and, other APIs.

Additionally, the ATCA-9100 is fully optimized for the RadiSys Promentum SYS-6010, the company's 10-Gigabit ATCA platform. Design wins include Radio Network Controllers, Media Gateways, IPTV media routers, Security Gateways and IMS application servers.

Freescale's MSC8144 is the industry's highest performance programmable DSP platform. Combining four StarCore DSP cores at up to 1GHz each, the device is designed to deliver Gigahertz performance, equivalent to a 4GHz single-core DSP. Additionally, it integrates one of the industry's largest embedded memories (at 10.5 MB) in a single package.

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