Sunday, June 3, 2007

PMC-Sierra Unveils Gigabit Fiber Access Gateway, Supporting EPON, GPON, GigE, VDSL2

PMC-Sierra unveiled a set of gigabit fiber access gateway system-on-chip (SoC) solutions designed for Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Node (FTTN) deployments. Both SoCs deliver gigabit-per-second line-rate IPV4/V6 routing, Network Address Translation (NAT), QoS, encryption and a multi-channel VoIP terminal adaptor.

PMC-Sierra's new fiber access gateway solutions are powered by a 600MHz MIPS processor core with hardware multi-threading with sufficient performance to deliver multiple, simultaneous HDTV streams inside the home and with enough headroom to support gateway-hosted applications, such as integrated storage/media server, fixed mobile convergence (FMC) clients, and remote access servers. The devices and consume less than 1.5W of power, enabling them to be used in fanless designs.

A fully programmable packet processing architecture can accommodate future service models and home network configurations.

The MSP7140/50 integrate three gigabit ports, two USB 2.0 full-speed PHYs (physical interfaces), a 66 MHz PCI bus, DDR2 memory controller, multi-channel VoIP terminal adapter, IPSec accelerator and hardware protection against small packet flooding to protect critical services from packet loss during periods of high network activity.

PMC-Sierra's MSP7150 supports both IEEE 802.3ah-compliant EPON and ITU-T G.984-compliant GPON fiber access gateway solutions. With an integrated VDSL2 modem, the MSP7140 is suitable for a multi-service VDSL2-based gateway. The MSP7140 device is interoperable with all installed central office VDSL1 and VDSL2 chipsets, and is backwards compatible to ADSL2+.

The MSP7140/50 fiber access gateway devices and reference design platforms will be sampling in early Q3 2007.

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