Thursday, June 7, 2007

OpVista Enhances Carrier Ethernet Transport Solution

OpVista introduced an "EtherWave" Carrier Ethernet Transport solution for aggregating Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) traffic streams with 10 GbE handoff on metro and regional backbone networks. The solution consists of the OpVista2000 TR-110 GbE "muxponder" and the TR-71 10GbE transponder and incorporating Layer 2 functionality. It works by combining 10 GbE "client side" signals into one 10-G ITU-compliant DWDM wavelength on the "network side." OpVista can then handoff a 10GbE signal to a router located in a central office or hub node facility, with the individual GbE streams tagged separately to allow distribution to the appropriate service. This cost-effective aggregation and segregation eliminates the need for an edge router.

OpVista's EtherWave is generally available and shipping to customers in July 2007.