Sunday, June 17, 2007

Motorola Debuts Open Software for its IPTV STBs in North America

Motorola introduced a set-top software solution using an open IP platform on its VIP 1200 series, which is a compact, interactive IP set-top that supports HD and SD video.

The "KreaTV" application platform uses the Linux Operating system to help support multiple entertainment and video service applications on Motorola's VIP set-top series. It can be integrated with leading North American middleware and conditional access applications.

Motorola's "KreaTV" offers interactive features such as programming guides, viewer voting tools, and advanced gaming in conjunction with third-party middleware and software providers. It can also be used to help introduce features like multi-room DVR, video on-demand (VOD) and interactive teleconferencing.

  • In 2006, Motorola acquired Kreatel Communications, a supplier of Linux-based set-top boxes based in Sweden.

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