Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mersive Technologies to Develop "Ultra Definition" Stingray Standard

Mersive Technologies, a start-up based in Lexington, Kentucky, is partnering with the National Science Foundation to define a new standard for how media can be transmitted, manipulated, and displayed on Ultra Definition (UD) devices. Ultra definition display devices will support hundreds of millions of pixels of resolution. Mersive and its partners plan to look beyond traditional video broadcast and transmission standards to develop Stingray, a standard that is hardware independent yet will address the challenge of managing media on displays that are very different from a desktop monitor or HD television. These include multi- projector arrays, large-scale LED clusters, mobile and micro projector displays, and electronic paper.

"As the pace of display innovation increases, older video standards are no longer appropriate," says Dr. Christopher Jaynes, CTO of Mersive. "A universal standard that allows media to exploit the next generation of displays, regardless of underlying hardware or configuration, is needed."

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