Thursday, June 7, 2007

Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum Releases First Specs

The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum published the first set of specifications in LiPS Release 1.0, whose complete delivery is planned by the end of 2007. In addition LiPS unveiled a roadmap of additional specification areas to be developed through 2008.

The specifications published include the following: LiPS Reference Model, Address Book and Voice Call Enabler, and User Interface Services (Widget sets, Key Navigation and Text Input Method APIs-- based on GTK).

Before the end of 2007, the LiPS Forum will finalize the remaining elements of LiPS Release 1.0 by adding specifications relating to Telephony, Messaging, Calendar, IM, Presence and additional User Interface Services API specifications.

Planned for release in 2008 are the Application Framework, Services APIs (e.g., based on IMS), Device Management APIs (based on OMA DM), and additional Enabler APIs (e.g., for multimedia).

The Forum said its emerging LiPS standards will benefit the Linux-based mobile industry, especially in terms of reducing fragmentation, by informing and aligning OEMs, ISVs, operators and other consortia and standards bodies.

  • The LiPS Forum was founded in November 2005. Founding members are ACCESS, ARM, Cellon International, Esmertec, France Telecom, Orange, Huawei Technologies, MIZI Research, MontaVista Software, Open-Plug and VirtualLogix.

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