Thursday, June 21, 2007

LG and Harris Develop In-Band Mobile DTV Technology for Handhelds

LG Electronics and Harris Corp. submitted a proposal to the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) for a standard that would enable broadcasters to provide high-quality digital television (DTV) signals to a wide range of mobile and portable devices. Until now, reliable reception of signals transmitted by terrestrial broadcasters has not been possible in fast-moving vehicles or pedestrian handheld devices such as mobile phones or laptop computers.

LG Electronics and its U.S. research subsidiary, Zenith, has partnered with Harris to develop a Mobile-Pedestrian Handheld (MPH) in-band mobile digital television system that uses the digital broadcast signal and is backward-compatible to the current standard.

The companies said their "MPH" in-band mobile DTV system provides robust DTV signals to mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices. Unlike the cellular-based approach, MPH technology uses only the single, existing transmitter from commercial and public broadcasters.

MPH is a multiple-stream system, with the main service stream for existing DTV and HDTV services, and the MPH stream for one or more mobile, pedestrian and/or handheld services. Key attributes of the MPH( system include:

  • Backward compatibility with the existing ATSC 8-VSB transmission and receiving equipment,

  • Capability to receive broadcast signals at high (mobile) speed with a single antenna,

  • Use of practical, small handheld receivers without the need for multiple antennas,

  • Power savings in handheld receivers.

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