Thursday, June 14, 2007

Infinera Achieves 2000 km Reach for 40G

Infinera introduced a new 40 Gbps Tributary Adapter Module (TAM) provides plug-and-go capability over any Infinera DTN network without complex optical planning. This enables carriers to deploy 40G services over most long-haul and metro fiber plants currently deployed in the field, according to the company.

Unlike other 40 Gbps solutions that employ complex modulation schemes or require expensive per-wavelength compensation to overcome optical impairments, Infinera's 40G TAM module maps a 40 Gbps service to four 10 Gbps wavelengths enabled by an Infinera 100 Gbps line card.

Infinera also highlighted a recent lab demonstration in which it successfully sent 40 Gbps services across 2,000 kilometers of fiber, exceeding the reach of most 40 Gbps systems currently available.

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