Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ellacoya Enables the Personal Internet Plans with New Software for DPI-based Platform

Ellacoya Networks announced two software modules that extend the capabilities of its deep packet inspection (DPI) hardware platforms, the e30 and e100 network platforms, enabling network operators to offer a personalized service plan for each subscriber.

Ellacoya's e30 platform and e100 platform (a custom-designed 20 Gbps wire-speed DPI network hardware element) enable service providers to effectively identify and manage network traffic dynamically by subscriber, service type, time-of-day, etc. Ellacoya's platforms provide granular reports on network usage; manage traffic dynamically with precision; ensure VoIP quality; identity and prevent network threats; and provide the basis for quota management, differentiated service plans and quality-assured premium services (IPTV, VoIP, streaming video).

The new Ellacoya Service Creation Manager (SCM) is a graphical user interface that provides rapid and scalable service creation. Built on hierarchical database technology, services and service bundles are defined once in the environment and then can be assigned to individual subscribers and subscriber groups instantly with point-and-click ease. Subscribers can also be automatically provisioned through Ellacoya's well-documented Application Programming Interface (API).

The Ellacoya Service Plan Manager (SPM) integrates with the service provider's OSS/BSS and automates subscriber management functions including service activation, service changes and the enforcement of application-based service tiers. It tracks each subscriber's usage against the terms of his/her service plan to enforce the correct policies and ensure accurate accounting and billing. The SPM also provides integration with other back office systems and network infrastructure such as policy servers through standard COPS, SOAP and EJB interfaces.

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