Sunday, June 17, 2007

ECI Doubles the Capacity, Extends Reach of its Multi-Degree ROADM

ECI Telecom has significantly enhanced its XDM Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP) with new capabilities to help carriers upgrade and expand their optical infrastructure in the metro/regional space to support the constantly increasing demand for bandwidth.

The new capabilities include doubling the total channel capacity from 40 to 80 wavelengths. This enables the XDM platform to scale to a total throughput of 800 Gbps per single fiber pair. ECI Telecom has also extended the overall reach to 2,000 Km, primarily by introducing a new set of very long reach transponders, and very high power fiber amplifiers.

ECI said these upgrades provide its XDM with the reach and capacity usually offered by long-haul DWDM. The improved capacity and reach provide greater savings by eliminating the need for multiple systems, higher reliability by eliminating inter-system cabling, improved service agility for on-demand expansion and content sharing across regions as multi-degree ROADMs allow simple provisioning, and overall higher Quality of Experience (QoE).

The XDM existing feature set already supports SDH/SONET and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified Ethernet/MPLS switching.

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