Wednesday, June 6, 2007

DSL Forum Selects HomePlug as Powerline Spec for TR-069 Gateways

The DSL Forum has selected HomePlug as the Power Line Technology (PLT) of choice to interface to TR-069 compliant residential gateways.

TR-069 standards-based solutions are designed to centralize the management, control, monitoring, and delivery of services, as well as simplify device configuration, remote management and service activation.

"Though the DSL Forum work is LAN access agnostic, we reference HomePlug technology in Technical Reports 069 and 124 (TR-069, TR-124) as the powerline technology of choice for in-home networking implementations for TR-069 compliancy. This was driven by the strong standards-based approach that HomePlug supports today," said George Dobrowski, chairman and president of DSL Forum Board of Directors and director of technology and product planning at Conexant. .

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