Monday, June 11, 2007

Crossbeam Delivers 40 Gbps of UTM Security Performance

Crossbeam Systems announced the availability of its next-generation X-Series line of security service switches featuring up to 40 Gbps of unified threat management (UTM) security processing throughput in a single chassis.

The new X-Series represents an architectural refresh of Crossbeam's core network and security service processing capabilities. It is designed to serve as an open and extensible platform, purpose built for security, upon which best-in-class, certified interoperable applications can be integrated and exchanged as needed to respond to new and evolving threats.

Crossbeam said its new X-Series couples the consolidation benefits of Crossbeam UTM with high levels of scale, performance and virtualization to support next-generation requirements. The X-Series will also serve as the foundation for a number of security advances to be introduced over the next year that will enable a new level of "inter-application intelligence."

Key features of the platform include:

  • Extreme performance -- Provides five times the performance over traditional appliances available today, enabling multiple applications to run simultaneously at up to 40 Gbps throughput in a single chassis, including firewall, IPS and anti-virus applications.

  • Fully 10 GE enabled -- With the ability to support up to four NPM-8600 network processor modules per X-Series chassis, this architecture can provide up to 8 10 GE ports and 40 1 GE ports to satisfy the most demanding connectivity requirements for next generation networks.

  • Application serialization -- Enables operators to manage how the data flows from ingress through various best-of-breed applications, one after the other, until egress. This unique technology enables custom flow management and can also actively manage transitions between Layer 2 and Layer 3 applications.

  • Flexible, scalable platform -- Hardware architecture consists of the chassis (X40, X45, X80) and three hardened components -- Network Processor Module (NPM-8600), Control Processor Module (CPM-8600), and Application Processor Module (APM-8600).

The new X-Series is available immediately worldwide.