Tuesday, June 5, 2007

CommuniGate Unveils Adobe Flash-based Client for Unified Communications

CommuniGate Systems announced the availability of user client that uses Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex 2 technology to integrate Rich Media resources and IP communications.

CommuniGate's Pronto! software client unifies calling, e-mail, IM, audio conferencing, video conferencing, photo and video resources, blogging, and groupware calendars -- in a sleek client interface. The browser based application unlocks e-mail and other productivity applications from the desktop. Users can access Pronto! from any web browser without the need to install client software.

The company said its Pronto! scales to support any deployment size for business or consumer subscribers. Pronto! is designed at the core to adapt to various subscriber requirements, and portable to allow Fixed Mobile Convergence due to the nature of the portability of Flash.

"Pronto! illustrates how Flex 2 and Flash are reshaping the user's experience on the web," said Jeff Whatcott, vice president of product marketing, Enterprise and Developer Business Unit at Adobe.

Pronto! provides a Rich Media interface for the CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications platform, a scalable platform that combines VoIP, data communications, and collaboration services. Pronto! interfaces with CommuniGate Pro via the XIMSS API (XML Interface for Messaging, Scheduling, and Signaling). The API enables ISPs and Enterprises to rapidly develop and design UIs, build portals, interface with cable modems, and link to external applications and services.

Pronto! features include:

  • Fully featured E-mail Application

  • Calendaring

  • Contacts management

  • Secure Instant Messaging

  • Presence

  • VoiceMail Management and Calling Preferences

  • RSS Feeds and management

  • MyPhotos

  • MyVideos

  • MyMusic

  • Portability to any Flash 9 Player on Windows, OSX, Linux

  • Highly secure binary that runs in memory space not browser cache

The CommuniGate Pro Enterprise Suite, including Pronto!, is available today, starting at US$849 for 25 users.


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