Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ciena Announces CN 4200 RS for High-Density Metro/Regional

Ciena introduced its CN 4200 RS FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform designed for service aggregation and wavelength routing, such as high-density metro offices, data centers and head-ends.

The new CN 4200 RS offers the ability to aggregate and distribute thousands of on-demand programmable services from a single box. It offers four times the capacity of the original four slot CN 4200 while sharing the same hardware architecture, software and management system to maximize investment protection. The CN 4200 RS chassis features 16 line card slots and up to 96 ports per chassis with scalability to more than 5000 ports in a single node.

Ciena said that by increasing capacity and lowering cost per port, the CN 4200 RS expands the addressable market for the CN 4200 family in terms of network locations and applications with the capacity and features optimized to support video distribution, broadband aggregation, wireless backhaul, managed business services and other applications.

It also represents the Company's standard for delivering its dynamic wavelength routing, featuring a hybrid ROADM solution with sub-wavelength grooming to maximize wavelength efficiency. In addition, the recently-announced FlexSelect 40G Shelf can be integrated with the CN 4200 RS for delivering in-service upgrades of granular 40G wavelengths to existing 10G networks.

Ciena confirmed that the CN 4200 RS has already been selected for deployment by a major European operator as well as multiple existing CN 4200 customers.

Ciena's CN 4200 family of platforms now includes the CN 4200 MC for edge-optimized optical services from the customer premises, the CN 4200 for aggregating services onto rings, and the new CN 4200 RS for aggregation, grooming and routing of traffic at major network aggregation points. The platforms offer universal line cards with individual user-programmable ports to deliver TDM, Ethernet and storage services at any speed on any available port, and ITU G.709 OTN for service transparency. Ciena's CN 4200 family also supports remote service provisioning and management through Ciena's ON-Center Network and Service Management Suite.

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