Monday, June 25, 2007

Cavium Develops Storage Services Processors with 2-12 Cores

Cavium Networks announced a new family of OCTEON MIPS64 Multicore Storage Services Processors (SSPs) targeted at applications such as Fiber Channel and Ethernet Disk Arrays, RAID controllers, multi-protocol switches, single-chip iSCSI adaptors, virtualization equipment, Protection and NAS/SAN equipment.

Cavium said its new, single-chip OCTEON SSP processors deliver two to four times more compute cycles versus many alternatives and integrate advanced hardware acceleration for RAID, compression, de-duplication, security and iSCSI.

The OCTEON SSP processor family consists of seven different software-compatible products. Key features include integration of 2 to 12 cnMIPS Plus 64-bit cores, storage application acceleration, an array of high-speed input/output interfaces including 10-Gigabit XAUI, PCI-Express, Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual DDR2 memory controllers, and data protection mechanisms.

OCTEON SSP enables storage equipment vendors to build low to high-end scalable storage solutions providing up to 3 Million on-chip virtual IOPS, 10Gbps of iSCSI, 1GB/s of compression / decompression, up to 2GB/s of in-line encryption in a single chip and up to 10GB/s of RAID acceleration.

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