Sunday, June 10, 2007

Calix Adds 4-Port 2.4 Gbps GPON Module

Calix introduced a new GPON service interface module to C7 multiservice access platform (MSAP). The GPON module provides a full 2.4 Gbps to each of four optical line terminal (OLT) ports, enabling the delivery of high bandwidth services, such as high definition IPTV, to each of 256 attached subscribers from a single module, or 5,120 from a single Calix C7 MSAP. The multiservice nature of the C7 allows for the support of high-speed, high-density GPON services from the same platform used to support DSL, Gigabit Ethernet, BPON, SONET, and legacy copper services.

In addition to advanced residential services such as IPTV, RF video, and VoIP, the new module supports small business unit (SBU) GPON optical network terminals (ONTs) for delivery of Ethernet transparent LAN services (TLS) as well as native T1 services.

Other features included in the new GPON module include:

  • Supports up to 400 PONs, or 25,600 ONTs per 7-foot rack, density equates to 10 PONs per RU and 640 ONTs per RU of CO rack space.

  • Based on ITU G.984 family of standards

  • Provides a full 2.488 Gbps downstream and 1.244 Gbps upstream

  • Supports 1550 nm video overlay and/or IPTV

  • Supports both GEM (Ethernet) and ATM formats over PON

  • Hardened for remote terminal applications.

Calix noted that over 15,000 C7s have been deployed to date.

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