Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bay Microsystems introduces ABEx Processors for Storage over WAN

Bay Microsystems introduced its "ABEx" (Agile Bandwidth Exchange) family of Global Virtualization platforms designed to address the growing needs of Global Enterprise Customers for Infiniband storage over wide area networks. These advanced platforms are designed to link disparate data and compute centers for customers in the web portal, financial, entertainment, scientific, medical, government, and research market segments which need fast and reliable global access to high-value data.

Based on its newest network processor, Chesapeake, the new ABEx40XX family delivers up to 40G of capacity in a single slot. The family supports both single slot and multi-slot configurations. The platforms enable Infiniband Routing over wide area networks, the family provides virtualized connectivity to distributed storage and computing resources and supports a multitude of the industry's highest performance interfaces, including Infiniband, for Data Center connectivity, and Ethernet, IP/MPLS, SONET/SDH, and ATM, for connection over a wide area network.

Bay Microsystems said that in recent network deployments, its ABEx platform has enabled vast amounts of secure and reliable transfers of massive databases over distances of thousands of kilometers. Recently, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory announced the transmission of over 60 terabytes of InfiniBand data across a distance of 4500 km in only 32 hours utilizing the ABEx platform. This is believed to be the largest amount of Infiniband data ever transferred per unit time over a wide area network.

The initial version is scheduled to be generally available in the 2nd half of calendar year 2007.

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