Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aware Develops IP-Bonded VDSL2, Enabling 40 Mbps at 5,550ft

Aware will conduct the industry's first public demonstration of bonded VDSL2 with its new StratiPHY IP-Bonded VDSL2 reference design for copper line bonding. Aware's new StratiPHY IP-Bonded VDSL2 enables service providers to use the existing and unused second telephone line to bond two VDSL2 links into a single aggregate connection. Aware claims that by using the VDSL2 8d profile common in North American FTTN deployments, a service provider can use IP- Bonded VDSL2 over two lines to deliver an effective data rate of 40 Mbps to subscribers up to 5,000 feet from a remote DSLAM. A single VDSL2 line can deliver 40 Mbps only up to 3,000 feet.

Aware is also showcasing its new single-chip StratiPHY ATM-Bonded ADSL2+ intellectual property solution.

The company' StratiPHY bonded silicon-level intellectual property technologies are targeted at semiconductor manufacturers that want to support ITU (G.998.1 or G.998.2) in their customer premises equipment.

"Bonded DSL is one of the most important new broadband DSL technologies because service providers are now able to leverage their installed copper infrastructure to roll out higher bandwidth IPTV and video offerings further into the network, reaching a much larger subscriber base for lower CAPEX than by using fiber-to-the-home networks," commented Peter LeBlanc, Aware's vice president of marketing.