Monday, June 18, 2007

AT&T Launches IMS-based Wireless Video Share Service

In a keynote address at Nxtcomm, AT&T CEO AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson announced the launch of a video share service in the U.S. that allows users to share live video over their wireless devices while participating in a voice call. Video Share enables one-way, live streaming video feeds, which can be seen by both users while they are participating in a two-way voice conversation.

Significantly, Video Share is the first AT&T service to be delivered on the company's new IMS platform. AT&T said the IMS platform will be used to deliver a range of other services and applications over both wireless and wireline network connections.

Video Share is now available in three initial U.S. markets: Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio. Service availability will then expand in late July throughout the company's 3G wireless network footprint, which covers more than 160 U.S. markets today. The service works exclusively over the AT&T 3G wireless network.

A Video Share-capable handset is required and two Video Share service packages will be available, with prices of $4.99 each month for 25 minutes of Video Share usage, or $9.99 each month for 60 minutes of usage. Users may also choose to pay as they go and pay 35 cents a minute each time they use the service.

"Video Share is groundbreaking today as a wireless-to-wireless service, but the potential for the service will expand even further in the near future," Stephenson said.