Sunday, June 10, 2007

AppTrigger Pioneers Application Evolution to IMS with IN-SCS Functionality

AppTrigger announce IN-SCS (Intelligent Network -- Service Capability Server) functionality in the latest release of its Ignite Application Session Controller (version 7.0). The new capabilities are key for evolving large scale legacy IN applications into IMS network architectures.

AppTrigger's Ignite 7.0 Application Session Controller delivers IN-SCS functionality that enables service providers to evolve their existing voice centric IN applications, such as pre-paid and voice messaging, to work within the IMS networks. Service providers would no longer need to replace these IN applications, resulting in dramatic CAPEX savings.

"With the current IMS landscape, service providers will need to spend billions of dollars duplicating perfectly good applications for the IMS network with little to no increase in ARPU. The Ignite Application Session Controller resolves this problem by providing a solution that enables existing revenue producing IN applications to work seamlessly with the IMS architecture," said Chris Todd, President and CEO of AppTrigger.

Key features of AppTrigger's Ignite Application Session Controller Version 7.0 include:

  • SIP to IN Internetworking -- Provides interworking of SIP signaling with IS41 and TCAP signaling to provide bridging of next generation applications with legacy wireless and wireline applications.
    MAP and CAMEL Protocol Support -- Provides SS7 application layer signaling for key applications such as voicemail and prepaid services for GSM based wireless networks.

  • SIGTRAN Support -- Provides the efficiencies and cost savings of IP transport without interrupting service or removing existing SS7-related network equipment and facilitates transition from the SS7 wireless space to IP-based networks.

  • Web Services Support -- Enabling application development to be opened up to the much wider audience of IT and web development professionals.

  • Enhanced CCXML Support -- Extended CCXML support enables existing applications written in CCXML to be connected to new networks and not have to be re-written.

  • Performance -- Enhancements that take advantage of multi-CPU and multi-core processor technology and provide significant capacity improvements for the high traffic revenue generating applications.

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