Monday, May 14, 2007

Veraz IMS Enables Application Sharing by Operators

Veraz Networks' ControlSwitch-USC, a modular IMS core and service platform, now enables application resources to be shared by multiple operators. The latest release of the Veraz IMS solution brings a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to service delivery. Operators can mix and match innovative services from other operators in combination with their own services. These customized service bundles can be delivered to their direct customers or to other operators via white-label partitions.

Veraz said this capability opens up new opportunities for multi-operator business arrangements and business models.

"By enabling operators to deliver services in new and creative ways, Veraz is expanding the commercial model of these operators though new business opportunities, new revenue sources and reduced operational expenditures," said Doug Sabella, CEO of Veraz.

The ControlSwitch-USC leverages advanced Service Broker/ SCIM (Service Capabilities Interaction Manager) to expand service options, facilitate service customization, and simplify back office integration, by decoupling service resources from the underlying network. The advanced Service Broker / SCIM also enables operators to leverage both traditional PSTN-based and new IP/IMS-based service platforms as they migrate their existing voice networks to an IMS network and services architecture.

Veraz's ControlSwitch-USC includes integrated protocol mediation and SIP profiling techniques in order to support multiple generations of devices and standards even as they continue to evolve, including a mix of traditional narrowband and broadband access networks. The included Service Broker connects to Veraz or third-party session controllers and application servers via various levels of IMS SIP compliant including SIP-ISC interface as specified by 3GPP IMS release 7 and leverages ControlSwitch elements for traditional SS7 service platform interfaces.


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