Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time Warner Telecom Posts Q1 Revenue of $261 Million

Time Warner Telecom posted Q1 revenue of $261.4 million, $76.3 million in Modified EBITDA and a net loss of $13.8 million. Some highlights:

  • total revenue grew 40% year over year and 9% sequentially -- including core growth of 9% year over year and 1% sequentially

  • enterprise revenue grew 57% year over year and 13% sequentially. Enterprise revenue represented 67% of total revenue for the quarter.

  • data and Internet revenue 45% year over year and 11% sequentially.

  • The company experienced a $1.1 million reduction in revenue from a wireless carrier from the prior quarter, and $3.0 million reduction from the same period last year, related primarily to the customer's business consolidation. The Company expects the balance of this carrier's consolidation-related disconnects to be substantially completed by year end.

"We continue to deliver strong enterprise growth, drive sales momentum, and achieve key integration milestones related to our acquired operations," said Larissa Herda, Time Warner Telecom's Chairman, CEO and President. "Similar to prior years, the quarter reflected expected seasonality as well as the impact of our acquired operations and the related integration costs.

  • In October 2006, Time Warner Telecom completed its acquisition of Xspedius Communications, a privately held company which provides telecommunications services to businesses across the U.S.