Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TI Offers "Telinnovation" Echo Canceller Software Across DSPs

Texas Instruments (TI) has deployed its "Telinnovation" echo canceller software across several digital signal processor (DSP) platforms including the carrier infrastructure optimized TNETV3020, as well as TMS320C64x- and TMS320C64x+-based devices.

TI said its Telinnovation echo canceller, which has grown to become the most widely-deployed echo canceller solution since its introduction over 20 years ago, is currently delivering over 1 billion calls per day.

The echo canceller is G.168-2004 compliant and has been certified for use across carrier, enterprise and wireless networks. It is available as either a callable function which is integrated into an OEM's framework, or as a standalone DSP image of executable code. The echo canceller is available as a function for the TMS320C64x- and TMS320C64x+- based devices and will also be available as an image for the TNETV3020 processor.

The TNETV3020 image version of the echo canceller supports 672 channels of line echo cancellation including Voice Quality Enhancements (VQE) and Tandem Free Operation (TFO). Even higher echo cancellation channel densities can be supported for specific customer applications. This configuration also includes the TI Echo Quality Index (EQI), which provides a measure of the propensity for echo on any given channel and is derived from TI's PIQUA software. In addition, TI also plans to support 192ms echo tails and operation in an all-Internet Protocol (IP) environment. Configurations supporting Internal Time Division Multiplexing (iTDM) and Circuit Emulation Service over Internet Protocol (CESoIP) are also envisioned. These interfaces allow traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) traffic to flow in an IP environment.


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