Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Telefónica Reaches 149 Million Mobile, 8.5 Million Broadband Customers

Telefónica reported Q1 revenues of EUR 13.747 billion, a 15% rise in revenue year-over-year, attributed to strong growth in Spain and Latin American operations. Net profit for Q1 was EUR 1.257 billion, up 7%.

The company's total access count rose 11.4% to 206 million, including 148.9 mobile customers and 8.5 million broadband customers. Telefónica España contributed 44.8 million lines to the total access count, while Telefónica contributed 117 million and Telefónica O2 Europe counted for 39.2 million.

The number of retail Internet broadband customers in Spain rose to 4 million (compared to 3 million a year ago), 4 million in Latin America (2.9 million a year ago), and 0.5 million in Europe (0.3 million a year ago).

The number of Pay TV customer exceeded 1.1 million, up by 54% compared to a year earlier, and the company now provides the service in Spain, Czech Republic, Peru, Chile and Colombia. In Spain, the Imagenio service had 418,618 pay TV customers as of March 31.

Telefónica España now accounts for 37% of the Group's revenue.

Telefónica España holds an estimated 56% of the Broadband Internet Access market in Spain, which reached 7.1 million connections at the end of March, up by 400,000 adds in the quarter. Telefónica's retail adds were 250,094 in the quarter.

Telefónica España added 132,211 unbundled loops during the quarter, of which 66% correspond to the migration from Telefónica España's wholesale ADSL service. The total number of unbundled loops now served by company stands at 1,071,217.

Telefónica de Argentina was serving 588,000 broadband lines at the end of the quarter.


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