Monday, May 7, 2007

Sun Positions JavaFX for Ubiquitous Media and Application Delivery

Sun Microsystems introduced its "JavaFX", a new family of products based on Java write-once-run-anywhere technology and designed to enable consistent user experiences from desktop to mobile device to set-top box to Blu-ray Disc. JavaFX consists of 2 elements:

  • JavaFX Script -- a scripting language for content developers to create rich media and interactive content. Sun believes the JavaFX Script could radically simplify the process of creating and distributing interactive content that spans all Java technology enabled platforms, from handsets to set tops, laptops to automobile dashboards.

    Sun is currently releasing an alpha version of JavaFX Script and plans to make the technology available under an open source license.

  • JavaFX Mobile -- Sun's software system for mobile devices. It is available via OEM license to carriers, handset manufacturers and others seeking a branded relationship with consumers.

"Consumer demand for content on any and every device is putting content convergence on a fast track. The expanding universe of Java-based devices creates a unique opportunity to make the three-screen vision of unified content across computer, TV and mobile device a reality," said Bob Brewin, CTO, Software, Sun Microsystems.

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