Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Skype Chooses VSNL's Teleglobe for VoIP Call Termination

Skype has selected Teleglobe voice termination services to provide call termination for SkypeOut. Skype connects to VSNL's international global network via the Teleglobe VoIPLink service, which exchanges VoIP traffic worldwide. SkypeOut is then terminated using the Teleglobe Voice Termination Service (VTS).

"We chose to partner with VSNL for international voice termination services because their services allow us to quickly connect to a true global network without the operational burden and the expenses associated with interoperability requirements," said Scott Bagby, Skype's vice president for new markets."http://www.vsnlinternational.com

  • India's Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) acquired Teleglobe International in 2005. Telegloge was once the international carrier for Bell Canada. Following a split from Bell Canada Enterprises in 2002 and a subsequent bankruptcy, Teleglobe was relaunched in June 2003 as a provider of international voice, wireless roaming, data and Internet services. Teleglobe later acquired ITXC, one of the first large providers of international VoIP wholesale services.