Monday, May 14, 2007

Nominum DNS Software Delivers Web Error Redirection

Nominum released a new DNS service delivery module that enables broadband service providers to deliver intelligent, customizable and responsible Web error redirection. The new "Vantio NXR" software redirects Web errors resulting from non-existent domain names to a provider-hosted support page that helps users find their intended Web destinations. The software comes pre-configured with the most restrictive filters to prevent redirection of non-existent domain names used by non-Web applications.

Nominum's solution is composed of the Vantio base server and the Vantio NXR (NXDOMAIN Redirection) Service Delivery Module. The base server offers a high-performance extensible carrier-grade DNS foundation. The Vantio NXR Service Delivery Module enables the Web error redirection service. Both are available immediately.