Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Networx Enterprise Contracts Awarded to AT&T, Level 3, VZ, Qwest, Sprint

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which is the central procurement agency for the U.S. government, awarded its Networx Enterprise contracts to five carriers: AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Verizon Business (MCI), Qwest, and Sprint.

The Networx Enterprise contract provides a streamlined means for federal agencies to access a broad range of networking services.

By leveraging the government's telecommunications services buying power, GSA hopes to use the entire Networx program to provide government agencies with leading edge technology at the best prices in the marketplace. The entire Networx program is valued at an estimated $20 billion over the 10-year life of the Universal and Enterprise contracts.

In addition, the Networx program aims to support a government wide Enterprise Architecture that encourages cross-agency collaboration, transformation, and government wide technology improvement.

  • In March 2007, The General Services Administration (GSA) awarded a set of contracts under its "Networx" program valued at an estimated $20 billion over 10 years -- believed to be the largest networking contracts ever issued. Contract award recipients include AT&T, Verizon Business Services (MCI), and Qwest Government Services.

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