Wednesday, May 2, 2007

NETGEAR to Acquire Infrant for RAID-based NAS Products

NETGEAR has acquired privately-held Infrant Technologies, a start-up that developed enterprise-level storage technology for small businesses and professional home users. NETGEAR will pay $60 million in cash for Infrant. Infrant shareholders may receive a total additional payout of up to $20 million in cash over the three years following closure of the acquisition if specific revenue targets are reached.

Infrant's "ReadyNAS" family of network attached storage (NAS) products implements redundant array of independent disks (RAID) data protection. The ReadyNAS lineup is powered by Infrant's proprietary network storage processor, Linux-based "RAIDiator" operating system and patent-pending Expandable Protection (X- RAID) technology, which allows for automatic RAID volume expansion as additional drives are added.

"Infrant's offerings complement NETGEAR's current Storage Central offering, which is based on Zetera Corporation's micro SAN (Storage Area Network) technology, and accelerates NETGEAR's participation in the expanding market for networked attached storage. The ReadyNAS portfolio also complements NETGEAR's digital home entertainment products, including the EVA8000 Digital Entertainer HD which streams digital content from the PC, the Internet and NAS storage devices to the TV," said Patrick Lo, Chairman and CEO of NETGEAR.

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