Tuesday, May 1, 2007

N.E.T. Enhances its NX5010 Multi-Service Platform

Network Equipment Technologies released netOS version 1.2 for its NX5010 multi-service aggregation and switching platform.

The NX5010's netOS version 1.2 enables high-speed SONET transfer, extends the product's Infiniband-over-WAN capabilities, and delivers synchronized encryption to enable real-time communications.

The company said its platform is capable of being deployed in a wide array of scenarios from high-speed video transfer, data encryption, enterprise storage, and disaster recovery applications. The NX5010 is a key infrastructure element that facilitates high-speed data links at 10GbE and OC192 data rates that seamlessly interconnects high-speed networks.

"For both government to commercial applications, customers commend its versatility, high performance, and rich feature set, and recognize the value the platform delivers," said C. Nicholas Keating, President and CEO. "We have delivered 20 units of the NX5010 and have an order for eight more. This new order from the Department of Defense (DoD) underscores the necessity for high performance multi-service aggregation platforms, which are capable of transmitting increasing data volumes under ever shrinking time constraints."http://www.net.com

  • The NX5010 was jointly developed by NET and Bay Microsystems. It is offers the ability to convert 10 Gbps to a wide area connection on a very small a foot print (2RU). It has been tested extensively by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Following the trials, NRL awarded NET and Bay an initial order for multiple units, which are targeted for use within NRL's test bed for Advanced Network and Advanced Terabit Storage Area Networking trials.

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