Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Motorola Builds IMS Ecosystem of Partners

Motorola is building an IMS ecosystem of partners as part of its strategy to offer its customers a best-of-the-best approach to IMS across multiple technologies, including WiMAX. Within its ecosystem, Motorola builds the IMS control server that provides the call session control function (CSCF) and mobility/call continuity seamless mobility application servers, forming the heart of the entire ecosystem.

Motorola's third-party solution providers include:

  • Acme Packet

  • Apertio

  • Colibria

  • Iperia

  • IP Unity Glenayre

  • jNetX

  • NetNumber

  • OpenCloud

  • RadiSys

  • Sonus Networks

  • Sylantro Systems

  • Ubiquity Software.

These companies provide Motorola's convergent ecosystem with key standards-defined functionality such as session border control function, home subscriber servers, presence server, unified IP messaging, application feature servers for voice, meet-me conferencing application servers, media server and media resource function, media gateways and media gateway control function.

In addition to WiMAX, other IMS applications offered by Motorola include OMA PoC (open mobile alliance -- push-to-talk-over-cellular), PTX (push to X includes push-to-view, push-to-video, push-to-hear, push-to-ask, push-to-play, etc.) and IPTV.