Monday, May 14, 2007

Level 3 Enhances Its Content Delivery Network with Caching and Downloading

Level 3 Communications' Content Markets Group has added caching and downloading services as a part of its content delivery platform. The addition of caching and downloading services helps content owners to deliver high-quality video and digital media to Internet end users.

Level 3 said the new capabilities enable customers to tap into large-scale server clusters deployed to leverage the scale and reach of the Level 3 backbone, one of the largest in the United States and in Europe.

Level 3 cited AOL as a lead customer.

"Level 3 has been a trusted network partner for AOL for some time," said Balan Nair, chief technology officer of AOL. "We have relied on Level 3's network and services to enable the delivery of our content and services to end users. We are very pleased that Level 3 continues to develop its content delivery platform and believe that caching and downloading services are logical extensions of Level 3's network services portfolio. We believe that Level 3's content delivery solutions will enable AOL to scale with growing demand and meet the performance expectations of our AOL community of users."

Level 3 said its content delivery platform now supports the acquisition and distribution of digital content from a wide variety of applications, from broadcasting live events in HD to distributing user-generated content. Major television networks, top advertising agencies, eight of the top 10 most visited U.S. Web sites, top movie studios, and many of the biggest social networking sites are using Level 3.

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