Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jangl Assigns a Phone Number to Every Email Address

Jangl, a start-up based in Pleasanton, California, unveiled a service that lets consumers call anyone using only their email address. The new Jangl service, which is available in 31 countries, builds on the social networking phenomenon.

Jangl Service Highlights:

  • Call anyone: Connect via your mobile phone simply by knowing someone's email address.

  • Keep your real phone numbers private at all times.

  • Want to be called? Add a simple Jangl web address to your email signature to let people connect with you even when you're not online, or post a customized Jangl widget to your online profile.

  • Control your phone access and manage Jangl voicemails, numbers and relationships online.

  • Use any of your personal phones to connect -- mobile, landline or VoIP.

Jangl works by matching email addresses to phone numbers. To make a call, you begin by enter someone's email address at Jangl's homepage to get connected. You'll be given a phone number -- local to you -- to call them. During the first call, you'll leave a voicemail, which Jangl then delivers via email. Once they receive that message, the recipient receives instructions to get a number -- local to them -- to call you back. This service still keeps your personal number safe, enables text messaging via SMS and the exchange of voicemails.


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