Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Global Crossing Implements Ditech Networks' Voice Assurance

Global Crossing is using Ditech Networks Voice Quality Assurance (VQA) technology to enhance the voice quality of calls received from international destinations on the Global Crossing Ready-Access on-demand audio collaboration services network. Global Crossing provides local access to its Ready-Access customers throughout the world and recently added new VoIP access options to 31 cities in Europe, as well as six countries in Asia.

Ditech Networks' VQA substantially reduces noise and echo that can be introduced by the local carrier and transferred to the Global Crossing network. The company said acoustic echo occurs when extraneous noise from the user's phone is reflected back into the network through the microphone. Wire line and wireless handsets commonly introduce acoustic echo into the carrier's network. Hybrid echo occurs at the four-wire to two-wire conversion point on PSTN local exchange networks. This type of echo is especially problematic on conference calls when an annoying echo can affect the experience of all participants until the offending line is identified and disconnected, or muted. Ditech Networks' VQA technology addresses acoustic and hybrid echo, and increases call intelligibility, regardless of the method used to join the meeting or technology used to provide the conferencing service.

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