Monday, May 21, 2007

Firetide Offers CPE for Extending Outdoor Wireless Mesh Nets Indoors

Firetide introduced a consumer device designed to extend the reach of outdoor wireless networks to the indoors. The Firetide CPE supports the industry's most advanced security to ensure privacy of customer communications and reduce service provider liability.

Firetide's CPE comes in two versions -- indoor and outdoor -- to provide added flexibility in any environment. The indoor variety is designed for large-scale municipal deployments that require reliable access to penetrate through thick walls. The rugged outdoor CPE can be placed on rooftops, in atriums and outdoor hallways. The outdoor CPE is power over Ethernet-enabled.

The Firetide CPE connects to multiple outdoor access points providing users redundancy of coverage and better signal availability, featuring high-power 400 milliwatts radio. The product also allows for efficient power management between high-power outdoor access points and low-power consumer equipment including laptops, mp3 players, and cameras.

The gear will be sold to wireless mesh operators that offer wireless services directly to residents and small home and business offices (SOHO). Using Firetide's mesh management platform, HotView Pro, service providers can configure the CPE to offer guaranteed throughput to end customers, supporting their service level agreements.

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