Friday, May 18, 2007

Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks Announce OSS Initiative for NGNs

Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks agreed to develop a standards-based telecommunications network management platform for service providers. The jointly developed Operations Support Systems (OSS) platform aims to help the entire service provider community better align network capabilities and costs with business demands.

The two companies said they are committed to long-term cooperation, bringing together Cisco's IP competence and Nokia Siemens Networks' end-to-end telecommunications capability, as well as extensive research and development (R&D) and economic resources from both companies.

As part of the agreement, Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks will deliver a solution that will provide a common end-to-end network view of diverse network elements - across IP and mobile technologies - that are automatically discovered and represented as a virtual network model. Likewise, the solution will provide a complete view of network resources regardless of platforms, technologies or vendors. The platform will include basic fault, configuration, performance and security (FCAPS) management functionality as well as a variety of common functions, such as data acquisition and network element mediation, which will be utilized by higher-level OSS applications.

Nokia Siemens Networks brings to the collaboration its out-of-the-box software product, Open EMS Suite by Nokia, which provides capabilities of an element management system (EMS) and can be used to build EMS for various kinds of networks including transport, mobile, and broadband.

Along with its expertise in IP networking, Cisco also brings its Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA) management solution to the collaboration. Cisco ANA is already the basis for managing complex multi-vendor networks as well as providing the base platform for new management solutions, such as the Cisco Managed Services Solution. Cisco ANA also provides management support for the Cisco CRS-1 routing platform.

  • Cisco and IBM already have a collaborative relationship in the OSS fault management and service assurance segment.