Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AudioCodes Releases VoIPerfect Solution for WiMAX CPE

AudioCodes released its "VoIPerfect" solution for WiMAX CPE applications, adapted for Intel WiMAX Connection 2250 (previously codenamed Rosedale 2) chipset. The AudioCodes toolkit includes a hardware reference design for a VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and a Linux-based SIP VoIP application, fully integrated and tested with the Intel WiMAX Connection 2250. A variety of vocoders are supported, including G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1, iLBC, etc., as well as wideband vocoders for HD voice quality.
Echo cancellation, T.38 Fax relay, conferencing and flexible telephony signals detection and generation are also supported. The solution also includes provisioning for Real Time Polling Service (RTPS) allowing dynamic allocation of bandwidth, which provides the Quality of Service (QoS) required for VoIP calls while optimizing the usage of the required bandwidth.

The AudioCodes VoIPerfect architecture, which has been deployed for over 12 years, includes a DSP firmware, media processing VoicePacketizer stack, SIP stack and call control layer for a complete SIP VoIP application. Additionally, an infrastructure is provided to allow the configuration and management of the stand-alone SIP VoIP application from the user's main application.

"With the growing number of WiMAX installations globally, service providers will want to enable their customers with voice as well as data," stated Shaul Weissman, Vice President, VoIP Processors, at AudioCodes. "Using our integrated VoIPerfect solution allows OEMs and ODMs to rapidly provide a VoIP enabled WiMAX CPE for such applications."