Tuesday, May 1, 2007

AudioCodes Broadens Session Border Controller (SBC) Portfolio

AudioCodes broadened its Session Border Controller (SBC) product portfolio with two new platforms: the nCite 1000, which is targeted towards smaller VoIP service providers that require a platform which supports up to 4000 concurrent sessions; and the nCite 4000, which is targeted towards larger carriers that require a scalable platform well beyond 20,000 concurrent calls.

The nCite 1000 product is targeted for markets where service providers are looking for an SBC that scales from 100 concurrent sessions to 4000 concurrent sessions. This Session Border Controller addresses both peering and hosted VoIP applications and services.

The nCite 4000 is a full-featured, IMS ready, scalable Session Border Controller, designed to meet carrier requirements for their growing inter- carrier peering and large hosted business and residential VoIP deployments. The nCite 4000 delivers an initial capacity of 21,000 simultaneous sessions and is scalable up to 84,000 simultaneous sessions while incurring less than 50 microseconds of media latency.

AudioCodes said the nCite 4000 is the same platform that wireless operators are using today as a security gateway for fixed mobile convergence deployments in North America, Europe and Asia. It will scale to meet the demands of customer networks ranging from the smaller, but rapidly growing VoIP service provider network build-outs, to supporting the larger, more established networks characteristic of incumbent telecom carriers.

Both platforms support advanced features, including Virtual SBC partitioning that lets service providers offer Carrier Peering, Hosted FW/NAT traversal and SIP/H.323 Interworking on the same platform. Additional features include support for ENUM, DNS, CDRs and Privacy Headers, TCP/UDP/IPSec and TLS support, and seamless transcoding.