Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Asia Netcom Offers Country-Specific Route Service

Asia Netcom has begun offering a new Country-Specific Route (CSR) IP Transit Service that provides a corresponding set of performance guarantees for a given route. In its initial phase, the service is available to ISPs/CSPs from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, on the following routes: China, Japan, Greater China, Australia, and Taiwan.

"By creating dedicated and direct routes within its backbone, Asia Netcom's CSR service effectively allows ISPs and CSPs to access a fast lane on the Internet," said Mark Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, Asia Netcom.

Asia Netcom's Country-Specific Route IP Transit service uses virtual-route-forwarding (VRF) tables to separate different routes into different VRF routing tables. The country routes are distributed to country- specific routers. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities are then used to control the routing between the main Internet routes, and different country VRF routes. The result is a service that ensures performance between different countries, allowing ISPs/CSPs to ensure the optimal user experience for their subscribers.