Sunday, April 1, 2007

Vyyo to Supply 3GHz Network Passives by Cox

Vyyo has been selected as a supplier of 3GHz taps and passive network elements by Cox Communications, the fourth largest cable system operator in the U.S. Cox will use 3GHz elements from Vyyo within its coaxial network as part of its new build architecture and for business services in its existing network. Vyyo has received initial orders for 3GHz passives from multiple Cox systems.

Vyyo said its Spectrum Overlay solution is designed to allow cable companies to substantially increase bandwidth to fiber-like performance, leveraging their existing infrastructure and at a fraction of the cost (under $125 per home passed) to build new fiber networks. Spectrum Overlay leverages higher frequencies on the existing coaxial cable doubling downstream bandwidth and increasing upstream bandwidth by a factor of at least four.

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